Tuesday, December 3, 2013

I want to be a blogger...

And so that is why I am writing this post. I like the idea of blogging. I tried it back in January and wrote a whopping two posts. Then subsequently deleted them because it made me sad that no one read them. Ha.

I would like people to read this blog, but I am still going to keep writing even if my mother is the only follower. Which I know she will be, because that's what moms are for. 

My main motivation for starting this blog (again) is that I want to interact with other runners. I want to be able to write recaps of my races and go back and re-read them. I want to meet new people and find new friends. Running is such a huge part of my life and I feel like I would be great at sharing it with complete strangers that might care about all the miles I run. And I might want to get free things like shoes, running products, free trips, a new car....not gonna lie, I am a sucker for some free products to test. 

So I guess I should write something about myself so anyone that reads this knows who I am.

That's me at Red Rocks this summer ^^^

That's me trying to take Craig grocery shopping. In a cat scarf, of course.

My name is Kathryn. Or Kat. Or Kath. Or Ms. Murrow, if you are a student. I'm 23, almost 24. I am a middle school teacher (7th grade Language Arts). I used to teach high school. I will say that high school is much cooler than middle school. 

When I am not teaching, I am running. I have 10 marathons under my belt, and an assortment of halfs, 10ks, 5ks, and some other random distances. I love running. I fell in love in 2011 when my boyfriend was training for the Chicago marathon. Running helped me find who I am, and still helps me discover things about myself. There is a lot to think about when you are running for 4+ hours. Some really weird things. A lot of times I think about food or beer, sometimes I think about more serious things, like what I want to do with my life.  But mostly food and beer.

I have two cats, who are the reason I breathe. Not really, but they come pretty close. 

Bernard Bagheera Murrow. He is four years old and so sassy.

Huxley Hamilton Johnson. He's just so darn cute. 

I love cats, and my secret dream is to have a huge cat rescue and save all da kittiez. Although now it's not so secret. I would love to quit my job and just save cats, but it is a bit unrealistic. However, if I do win the lottery, you people will hear about me buying beaucoups of land and having cat farms across America. 

I also have a boyfriend, who I hope to con into marrying me one day. 
He is really awesome. But he is not a lifeguard. Imposter.

We like to have fun. 

That is just the tip of the ice burg when it comes to my awesome and complex life, but that is why I have a blog now - to write more and more each day until all of you feel like you are my best friend when you don't even know me (this is how I feel about Run Eat Repeat - I think she might like me if she knew me but she doesn't. Le sigh...)

I am off to teach 7th graders how to write a thesis statement. Don't you wish you were me? I know. 

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  1. Why, yes, yes I will- now that I've discovered you :)