About Me

                                I am a very cool 24 year old English teacher living in Orlando, FL.

I love running, cats, kittens, beer, literature, analyzing literature, sarcasm, McDonalds (don't judge), sweets, Dave Matthews Band, traveling, education, and learning. 

I live with my boyfriend of almost four years, along with our two cats: Bernard and Huxley (yes, after Aldous Huxley because he is cool like that). 

I love: comedies (not the romantical kind), staying up late when I know I can sleep in the next day, Diet Coke, 7-11 coffee, new office supplies, Michael Kors (cough cough, my birthday is January 2), the smell of gasoline, pedicures, discounted race prices, cold weather, cleaning, soccer (Go Chelsea!),Target, fresh guac, watching karma work its magic, and hardwood floors.

I hate: ignorant a-holes, the sun, baths, sentimental movies, Wal-mart, driving, the beach, SeaWorld (go watch Blackfish), America's education system, veggies, conservative politicians, Thanksgiving, and pie. There are actually many more things that I dislike intensely, but I shall spare you the soapbox.

Maybe we can be friends?


  1. Reading your About Me on the side and we may be the same person. Except for the DMB thing, I stalk Billy Joel in the hamptons instead. I Love running, SVU, and duh booze, and ABSOLUTELY own more running clothes than any other clothes ! Glad I found your blog!

    Katie @ Running A Ragnar

  2. Billy Joel is awesome!!! And my nickname is Katie, so we are probably long lost running sisters. If I lived in Connecticut we could drink beer, run, stalk musicians, and your dog could scare the crap out of my cats. Haha. I'm glad you commented, I just read your blog and love it!